101 reasons to use socially@

  1. It is free.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. socially@ is your social media contact page.
  4. socially@ is your social media business card.
  5. socially@ is your social media calling card.
  6. socially@ loves all social media networks and platforms.
  7. You can customise and personalize your page.
  8. You can easily embed socially@ into any web page.
  9. Could replace all the social network button on your website.
  10. You get a dedicated contact page with a form and links to all your social media network.
  11. You only ever have to manage your contact information in one place.
  12. Users can subscribe to your mailing list
  13. With mood status, you can share your current emotion with friends.
  14. Users can send newsletters to your mailing list from socially@
  15. socially@ is the new Email Address!
  16. We have good spam protection filters.
  17. You can use your socially@ button and link on multiple websites.
  18. On forums, add your socially@ link to your signature.
  19. Posting comments on blogs? use your socially@ ID.
  20. Protect your email address from spammers - use your socially@ link (e.g. contact me at http://socially.at/@admin).
  21. Access statistical information about people visiting your social media network.
  22. You published an article 3 years ago on a 3rd party website with your then current email address. Now your email has changed and you can't remember the URL of where you published your articled - how would people contact you?
  23. Through socially@, we introduce you to various interesting social media networks.
  24. Developers can easily integrate socially@ links with applications.
  25. socially@ will be available in multiple languages.
  26. It's easy to add your socially@ link to your email signature.
  27. Our icons/buttons look's cool and stands out from the rest.
  28. We don't advertise on your dedicated socially@ contact page.
...... your own reasons here. Tell us what else you want to see on your socally@ social media contact page.
  1. You don't need a dedicated contact form on your website.
  2. It is really simple to use.

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